Sandy Baron
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         With an acute sense of decadent nostalgia for sheer emptiness, Sandy Baron is retracing and rediscovering the abandoned field of landscape photography.


     Attracted by the work of such old masters as Ansel Adams, Lawren Harris and Georgia O’Keefe, Baron is shaping a new style that targets the solitary beauty of nature.  Her biblical photographic monuments can be seen as part of the new environmentalist movement fused with a strong taste for a painterly result.


     Baron is particularly interested in layers and the multiple layers of shapes and colours that combine to form a canvas that is less photographic realism and more painted abstraction.


     Emerging photographer Baron is a professional violinist who has been a member of the Canadian Opera Company for 19 years and a member of the Santa Fe Opera for 14. Working in the American Southwest over the last 12 years has had a fundamental influence on her photographic work. It is in this environment that she has found her style, and developed a fervent interest in this unique landscape as her subject.


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